Bol d’Or Motorcycles do much more than buy, sell and part exchange Classic and Modern motorcycles, although this of course is a major part of our business.

We can, – and do, service almost any make / model of motorcycle and our restoration expertise is of the highest quality. Examples of this can be seen on some of the bikes in our showroom.

Bol d’Or is a legendary name in the motorcycle business; the first shop opened its doors in Portland Road, Worthing in 1978 and quickly became a large and successful enterprise. After moving to bigger premises twice, it eventually closed down in the late eighties, disappointing many local customers and enthusiasts . Now, some 30-something years later, the Bol d’Or name is enjoying a revival, courtesy of Dave Young who was part of the original team. The business opened in September 2010 and is now run from a character barn in the heart of Sussex, just off the A29 in Pulborough.

Dave has earned respect in the motorcycle world because of his wealth of knowledge regarding both classic and modern bikes and is always happy to chat or give advice to customers, both old and new.

Our website has already successfully attracted visitors from around the world; exporting classic motorcycles to Japan, U.S.A. Australia, Germany, Spain and Cyprus. We employ an excellent freight company for our global shipments and a dedicated motorcycle delivery service to anywhere in the UK at a very competitive price.

We are delighted to launch our “new look” website and with this short article, may be able to reach many more customers whose first question on coming in to the barn is often – “Do you have anything to do with the old Bol D’or Motorcycles that used to be in Worthing” – followed shortly by – “Dave Young -I remember you…..” – and happily, yet another acquaintanceship is made or renewed.
Please visit our ‘Get in Touch’ page for contact details and directions to our showroom. We look forward to seeing you.

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Thanks go to Dave for selling me the ’71 Triumph T250 Trail Blazer’ as a “running” project and to then to do all the other things to it to actually get it through its MOT! Thanks also to Mafra for picking me up from the station the day that I picked up the bike.

Roddy (Dorking)

A big thank you to Mafra and Dave; a fantastic family business who through their time, effort and attention made the purchase of bike number 3 a very pleasurable experience. One of the best bike dealers in Sussex, highly recommended.


Such a pleasure to deal with Dave and Mafra at Bol D’or Motorcycles, very helpful in every aspect, delivery no problem. Excellent service, would highly recommend.

J and K Wedgwood (Gloucestershire)

A while ago, I purchased a 1960 pre-unit Triumph TR6 Trophy from a dealer in Kent. Two or three weeks later, I was out for a ride when suddenly the engine suffered a massive loss of power followed by a major blow-out.
I found the Bol Dor website and contacted Dave. He happened to be delivering a bike in my area a few days later, and so collected my bike in his van.
Back at his Pulborough workshop, Dave stripped the engine down and came across a “can of worms” whilst re-building it – including that the gearbox was on the verge of collapse, containing broken bits of metal from the gears and other horrors. But to my great relief, the job was beautifully finished by Dave – both speedily, at reasonable cost and with good humour!
Since then, Dave has done other work for me including giving the fuel tank a treatment internally with a skin to protect against rust formation, which I am equally pleased with.
I suppose there are many “old boys” out there like me who are clueless about maintaining their bikes mechanically, and I will entrust my machine to Dave any time I need work done or have a problem, real or imagined!
Dave – Thanks a million

Mike (Walberton)

Just thought I would share a positive experience having some work done by Dave at Bol d’or.
Having not used the SV much at all for a few years I took the old girl for an MOT a month or so back, passed with flying colours.
I jumped on the bike and went for a ride down to see my brother, came home and parked the bike. Next day I went in the garage and one of the forks had decided to dump its oil on the floor.
I priced up for some fork oil seals, dust seals, fork oil and a trip down to Wemoto (fairly local to me), but as room in my garage is tight to say the least at the moment, along with lack of time, I decided to give Dave a ring yesterday morning.
He told me to take the forks off the bike, change fluid and seals and refit would be £90 parts and labour. I asked him if I needed to book the bike in and he said No, just to give him a ring when I was ready to drop it off.
I rang back at about half four yesterday and asked if I could drop the bike off for him to sort the forks out at his leisure. He said “ bring it down, I’ve ordered the seals but there are two different sizes for that year (gsxr1000k2 forks) so I’ve ordered both sizes, one of them will be right, they will be here tomorrow (today) so that’ll give me time to strip them down ready.”
I received a call at two this afternoon to say it was ready. He told me one of the bolts that hold the mudguard on was sheared so he had retapped the hole and put a bolt in there (had been like this since I fitted the forks about five years ago!)
Went to pick the bike up and he hadn’t charged me for doing this, so gave him a drink to say thanks. Really impressed with the service provided, he seems like a nice fella and is happy just to stand there and chat about bikes, it really does seem like a passion.

Jason H at forums

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