In the spring of last year (2019) we received a call from a young woman whose father had sadly passed away quite suddenly. He had bought his Triumph T100A in 1960 from a motorcycle shop in Brighton . This gentleman had been the sole owner and the bike had been looked after and kept in a shed for 47 years. At some point the shed had to be demolished so the bike then lived out in the open for a further two years until its owner died.

Afterwards, the gentleman’s wife made the difficult decision to sell as it was a constant reminder to her of her loss.

Dave bought it and began working on it as a restoration project. Sadly, it had been painted white, which in its early days would have cleared the roads as other people thought it was a police bike.

It was totally rusted, but amazingly, turned over at the first attempt.

Virtually, all major parts and period accessories were able to be saved and used in the re-building process. The work took Dave around 3 months to complete and it is now back in its original Kingfisher Blue.

Triumph T100A after

Even nearly 50 years of salt air was not able to kill this one!


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